Every job search is a business

Here is a blunt fact that many job seekers are not sufficiently aware of:

Every job search is a business!

Does that statement surprise you? If so, digging into it may be helpful in making your job hunt more efficient and effective. Let’s start with some basics.

The concept of employment

If you are employed, you exchange your time at work for money (a salary or wage) from your employer. Of course, you are expected to generate the agreed results during that time but the risk of perhaps making a loss when selling them normally only lies with your employer and is not shared by you. So, you get paid for your time without any investment needed for it. This is the reason why people who are risk-averse prefer this option to make a living.

The concept of business

In turn, if you run a business, you bear all the financial risks yourself and you are free to decide what marketing and sales efforts to invest your time and money in to become profitable. Of course, you will try to optimize both aspects but some investment is always needed for generating a profit in the end. In general, the more money you can invest, the less time is needed and vice versa. And the greater the total investment is, the faster results can be expected usually.

What that means for your job search

When you analyze the nature of a job search and compare it with the two above-mentioned concepts, you will clearly see that seeking employment does not yet provide the comfort of financial security you are rewarded with as an employee once you get a job. As a matter of fact, a normal job search is similar to running your own business as no one pays you for it and you need to decide at your own risk what activities, services, and tools your time and money should be invested in best.

So, to optimize the results of your job search, just act like an owner of a small successful business with you being the “product” to market and sell. Without enough smart investment in terms of time and / or money, your job search will likely drag on for a long time and may even be destined to fail altogether.

As I explained above, the more committed you are, the faster you can expect results. The fastest and in the end also cheapest approach is, by the way, to invest money into helpful tools and services that will not only save you a lot of time by avoiding mistakes but also get you a great new job with a significantly higher salary that will return your investment shortly.

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