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How to Power Up Your Résumé for Canada

You're eager to look for a job in Canada but you still don't know what kind of résumé potential employers in Canada would expect from you? Or have you been sending out your résumé to lots of Canadian companies for a while now without much success and would like to improve that?

Read on because there is a webinar concept that exactly addresses those goals. I've developed it on the basis of my longstanding experience as an international career coach in close collaboration with Kristina McPherson from Toronto who is the author of the book "From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen - And Everything in Between: How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen like me" available on Amazon.

Monthly Hands-on Live Webinar: How to Power Up Your Résumé for Canada

Your benefits

In the webinar, we will look at the real-world examples from your résumé you want to share and the ones of the other participants, analyze any potential need for improvement, and discuss possible solutions. Of course, you can also ask questions and share your experience with the group.

Why I know how to achieve that

Getting a job you want and are qualified for requires nothing else than the skill to convince the hiring managers of exactly that. That kind of skill is mainly a psychological matter and I as a university-educated business psychologist understand it in depth. Please follow the many tips and tricks in my free guide "Ways to the Perfect Job" to witness my experience in action.

On top of that, I don't only work as a career coach but also as an HR consultant for international corporations. Hence, I'm also very familiar with the situation of hiring companies and managers.

As a result, countless people across the globe have been able to reach their career goals by following my advice and guidance. 🙂

Career Coach Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser

puts job seekers across the world on the road to success. For more than 20 years now!

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How this live webinar works

Get your résumé for Canada on the road to success too by participating in this very hands-on live webinar with me. Here is all you need to know:

No time is wasted on a general presentation, so the whole webinar will deal with the very specific questions and issues the participants have with their résumés for Canada.

The webinar lasts 90 minutes so that all crucial aspects can be addressed.

There are only 10 places, which means that all participants can ask questions.

You will profit from my answers to the questions of the other participants' as much as to your own ones.

You can already submit the current version of your résumé to me along with any questions you may have before the webinar.

Claim your spot now

Remember, because this is a live webinar, the number of available spots is very limited. Click on the button below to see the upcoming dates and book your ticket right away:

What my clients say

Here are a few selected testimonials about my work to give you an impression of what my clients typically say at the end:

»I must say, I'm impressed and amazed. My new documents make a huge impact. My respect: Your approach to applications seems to work perfectly.« by Thomas S.
»In spring we had discussed the idea of making my résumé clearer and easier to understand. That's what I did and it was very well received: One application – TWO invitations to interview!« by Veronika P.
»The resulting application documents led to one success after another as I got almost always invited for a job interview.« by Jan R.
»Without Michael Kaiser's email course on résumé writing, I wouldn't have gotten the job, period.« by Tilmann B.