The fastest way to convince a hiring manager to:
1. Invite you* for an interview
2. Give the job to you*

* Even if you believe your previous work experience can't compete strongly with others!

Have you always thought that getting a job is a bit of a black box problem? You hardly ever know what's happening on the side of the companies you have sent your job applications to? Do you find the lack of helpful responses very annoying as it leaves you with limited chances to improve your approach? Have you noticed that this seems to be a wide-spread problem and many others have no clue what to do about it either?

Big challenges for job seekers in trying times

Here are just a few of the obstacles you need to overcome nowadays to get a good job:

You need to convince the hiring manager to invite you for a job interview and to give the job to you. But how to do that if you know already that you are not the ideal candidate for the job?

When the decision on who to invite for a job interview is going to be made, you are not present and have no voice. Only your CV and cover letter can speak for you. But how can you power up your application documents enough to stand a chance?

You may just be one of many applicants for the job. But how can you make yourself stick out of the crowd especially if you have only a normal professional background?

You know, of course, that the complete list is even longer. 🙁

As if all of this were not enough, you're facing the Corona crisis on top of it now.

The Corona crisis has affected a lot of industries at the same time. That also applies to their labor markets.

Unemployment will rise, which increases the number of job seekers with years of excellent work experience. How can you successfully fight this uphill battle with a less impressive professional profile and be the candidate of choice in the end anyway?

So, what's the only way to handle all those challenges successfully?

Here is the good news. Even most of the very experienced candidates do not apply with convincing documents. This is your chance!

A great CV with a smart letter of motivation will catapult your chances ahead. 🙂 Believe me, they'll speak up for you big time even if your background isn't perfect.

Creating powerful job application documents such as an intriguing CV with a convincing letter of motivation can be done without involving a paid CV writer. You can do it yourself in small, simple steps. And it's easy if you are aware of what is important for it and what is not.

Discover those secrets in my upcoming How-to Live Webinar "Eye-Catching CVs and Cover Letters". After this webinar, you will be able to:

Understand the psychological fundamentals of what will really convince a hiring manager to give the job to you. Prepare yourself for a surprise!

Write a letter of motivation that makes the hiring manager read your CV in your favor and immediately link your own experience to the current demands of the open position.

Present your work and academic experience in a way that makes the hiring manager curious to learn more about you right from the very first glance at your CV.

Deal with potential weaknesses such as limited knowledge / skills / experience, gaps in your CV, a drop out of college or similar, disabilities etc. in a way that still maximizes your chances.

Secure your chances a lot by consequently avoiding the trap of including damaging information accidentally.

Format your CV in a way that it has a perfect length with the most valuable facts sticking out on the very first page.

Decide if you should include a headshot, and handle the use of such a photo to your advantage.

Pick and place the right keywords in your CV so that all kinds of search engines can definitely find it.

Include all kinds of attachments in a way that they function as the perfect proof of the information in your CV.

Save yourself a lot of time by following a step-by-step approach to creating your CV and letter of motivation.

Why I know how to do all of that

Getting a job you want and are qualified for requires nothing else than the skill to convince the hiring managers of exactly that. That kind of skill is mainly a psychological matter and I as a university-educated business psychologist understand it in depth. Please follow the many tips and tricks in my free guide "Ways to the Perfect Job" to witness my experience in action.

On top of that, I don't only work as a career coach but also as an HR consultant for international corporations. Hence, I'm also very familiar with the situation of hiring companies and managers.

As a result, countless people across the globe have been able to reach their career goals by following my advice and guidance. 🙂

Career Coach Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser

puts job seekers across the world on the road to success. For more than 20 years now!

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Listen to some of my clients

Here are a few selected testimonials about my work to give you an impression of what my clients typically say at the end:

»I thought my CV was good, but Mr. Kaiser taught me that I was wrong. Now that I have truly perfect documents, applications are fun again, whether via job advertisements or networking.« by Thomas S.
»My biggest takeback would be the ways to write a CV about focussing more on achievements than activities which I deemed is a very preponderant aspect.« by Gopalananda C.
»Your tip to list my achieved successes is very promising. After almost 50 unsuccessful applications since obtaining my master's degree, I'm a little annoyed that I didn't think of this idea myself.« by Klemens F.
»I must say, I'm impressed and amazed. My new documents seem to have a huge impact. My respect: Your approach to applications seems to work perfectly.« by Thomas S.
»The resulting application documents led to one success after another as I got almost always invited for a job interview.« by Jan R.
»In spring we had discussed the idea of making my CV clearer and easier to understand. That's what I did and it was very well received: One application – TWO invitations to interview!« by Veronika P.

All you need to know for participating in the webinar

Get your CV and cover letter on the road to success too by claiming your spot in this very hands-on live webinar with me now. It's very easy. Here are the details:

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You can pay by VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or SEPA bank transfer. Just click on the red button below and enter the usual details on the next page.

Please note that your payment is not refundable if you cancel before or are unable to participate in the webinar.

After the webinar, you will get my email course "How to Write a Power CV" with 10 detailed lessons worth $29.90 for FREE!

You can send me your current CV and/or cover letter along with your questions before the webinar and I will try to use them as real-world examples with my tips during the presentation. Of course, you can also ask questions during the webinar.

Once you have later created a new and very powerful CV on the basis of the webinar and the email course, you can then mainly just copy its content over to your LinkedIn profile, thus making it an intriguing read in one go too.

Don't miss out on participating in the next session

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PS: Honestly, isn't it high time to get your CV and cover letter finally up to speed? Only truly convincing documents will give you a real chance to get invited for job interviews. Many applicants fail time and time again because they have never realized how important those documents are for success. This webinar is your chance of a powerful change.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at any time.