Do NOT use the LinkedIn photo frame #OpenToWork

I'm sure that, by now, you have seen countless LinkedIn profiles featuring the photo frame #OpenToWork. However, if you are actively looking for a new job, I strongly advise you NOT to use it!

Good intentions with a nasty catch

Why is this? Certainly, this feature provided by LinkedIn is intended to help your job hunt. But the psychological effect it has is very counterproductive. As the visualization is the same for everybody using this photo frame within the global network, the individual user comes across as one of the many unemployed people in the world in desperate need of a job. As part of the mass of unfortunate job seekers in the world. As a person who is needy and likely has problems.

So, it automatically makes a little-favorable impression on the reader who is not even likely to become aware of it.

You can do better easily

Now, of course, you should make it as easy as possible for anyone spotting your profile on LinkedIn to see that you are currently open to job offers. However, presenting that aspect alone is not good enough. You also need to present yourself as someone unique. Someone, who stands out from the crowd.

To find out more about why this is so important, read my LinkedIn article on the matter, please.

The simplest and most effective measure to get noticed as a job seeker at a very early stage is the use of the headline of your LinkedIn profile. Read more about it here.

Create your individual photo frame

Now, if you are particularly keen on using a visual sign as well and are willing to invest some time in creating it, here is the way to do it.

As I hinted above, the idea of such a photo frame by itself is good. The problem with the way LinkedIn does it is just the uniformity it creates.

You can solve this problem elegantly by creating an individual photo frame with image editing software (like GIMP or Photoshop, for example) showing your unique message in a unique style. Then, you combine this element with your normal profile photo, save the whole as a new image, upload it as your new LinkedIn profile picture and you're done. 🙂

Here is an example I've created for myself to advertise my career coaching offers.

People looking for a job could write something like "Open to Job Offers", "Job Offers Welcome" and so on.

On April 7th, Ms. Annette S. from Besançon wrote to me:

»Already your first video hit home and confirmed my gut feeling about this awful #OpenToWork frame. 😉«