Hands-on webinars

Free live webinars on InterNations

I give free webinars on career-related topics on InterNations as a Consul of the “Global Webinars & Talks Group” of the social network at least once a month.

If this interests you, you are more than welcome to participate in them from now on too.

I’ll be happy to send you an invitation by email each time a new webinar session gets scheduled. This way, you will also get informed about upcoming webinars I give for other global groups as a guest speaker. You can sign up for these notifications by simply sending an empty email message to:


> Career-related topics

Here is a selection of the topics I offer there from time to time:

  • How to Create a Power CV / Résumé
  • Become the Star at Job Interviews
  • Successful Salary Negotiations
  • How to Get a Good Job in a Different Industry
  • How to Go International
  • How to Make It to the Top as a Female Manager

Hands-on live webinar: How to Power Up Your Résumé for Canada

You’re eager to look for a job in Canada but you still don’t know what kind of résumé potential employers in Canada would expect from you? Or have you been sending out your résumé to lots of Canadian companies for a while now without much success and would like to improve that?

My hands-on live webinar “How to Power Up Your Résumé for Canada” addresses those goals. I’ve developed it on the basis of my longstanding experience as an international career coach in close collaboration with Kristina McPherson from Toronto who is the author of the book “From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen – And Everything in Between: How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen like me” available on Amazon.