Hands-on webinars

Free live webinars on InterNations

I give free webinars on career-related topics on InterNations as a Consul of the “Global Webinars & Talks Group” of the social network at least once a month.

If this interests you, you are more than welcome to participate in them from now on too.

I’ll be happy to send you an invitation by email each time a new webinar session gets scheduled. This way, you will also get informed about upcoming webinars I give for other global groups as a guest speaker. You can sign up for these notifications by simply sending an empty email message to:


> Career-related topics

Here is a selection of the topics I offer there from time to time:

  • How to Get a Great New Job Fast Without Hard Work
  • How to Get a Good Job in a Different Industry
  • How to Get the Management Position Abroad You Want
  • How to Create a Power CV / Résumé
  • Become the Star at Job Interviews
  • Successful Salary Negotiations
  • How to Go International
  • Job Search Special for Women With Tips, Tricks, and Q&A
  • How to Make It to the Top as a Female Manager