How to write and present a convincing job application

There are four important aspects that play a role more or less one after the other in a typical application process. This is why I structure the tips in my guide accordingly.

First, write an application that makes one curious about you

An exciting application is based on a good CV / résumé as an anchor and a cover letter aligned with it as a spotlight:

  1. 1. Turn your CV / résumé into an eye-catcher
  2. 2. Direct the attention with your cover letter

On February 10th, Mr. Jan R. from Hamburg wrote to me after implementing these tips:

»The resulting application documents led to one success after another as I got almost always invited for a job interview.«

Then score points in the job interview

This is accomplished by identifying yourself as the best candidate for the position during the interview and therefore negotiating a good salary:

  1. 3. Convince them in the job interview
  2. 4. Get the great salary you deserve

On February 4th, Ms. Angelika T. from Pinneberg wrote about it in her testimonial:

»I’ll be starting with a new employer soon and I’m pleased that I was able to convincingly convey my expectations in terms of salary as well. […] Without Mr. Kaiser’s valuable advice, I would certainly not have gotten this job so quickly.«