How to write and present a convincing job application

There are four important aspects that play a role more or less one after the other in a typical application process. This is why I structure the tips in my guide accordingly.

First, write an application that makes one curious about you

An exciting application is based on a good CV / résumé as an anchor and a cover letter aligned with it as a spotlight:

  1. 1. Turn your CV into an eye-catcher
  2. 2. Direct the attention with your cover letter

Then score points in the job interview

This is accomplished by identifying yourself as the best candidate for the position during the interview and therefore negotiating a good salary:

  1. 3. Convince them in the job interview
  2. 4. Get the great salary you deserve

On February 10th, Mr. Jan R. from Hamburg wrote to me after implementing these tips:

»With my application documents prepared in this manner, I have a very high success rate and have at the very least reached the level of the interview in almost all cases.«