Get yourself a really convincing CV for 🇩🇪 Germany

Get yourself a really convincing CV for Germany
Convince hiring managers in Germany 🇩🇪 , Austria 🇦🇹 , and Switzerland 🇨🇭 with a persuasive CV
– even if you haven't moved there yet!

Here is the good news ...

Over the last 25 years, immigrating to Germany has become easier and easier, especially for skilled workers. That means that the country's visa regulations will normally not be in your way, should you decide to move to Germany and work there.

... but that's only half the battle

However, that's only the legal aspect of it. You still need to find a job in Germany and that requires that you convince a German employer to hire you and apply for the work permit if necessary.

The most important document for your job search in Germany is your CV. Employers in Germany care a lot about professionalism when they evaluate job application documents. Moreover, you need to convince them by the information presented in your CV that it will be worthwhile inviting you for a job interview. Last but not least, the first (and maybe final) decision about whether or not the application will be considered any further is usually made very quickly.

That means that you need to create a CV for your job search in Germany that looks very professional, is truly convincing, and gives a very positive impression of you at the very first glance.

Here is help with it

Relax, I will be happy to assist you.

I am German, so I know the requirements for job applications in German-speaking countries very well. I have a strong international background myself, so I understand the situations applicants from other countries are typically in. And as a career coach, I know how to give guidance in small, manageable steps.

On that basis, I have developed a special email course for people like you:

Email course "How to Write a Convincing CV for 🇩🇪 Germany"

This is a very detail-oriented course divided into 10 lessons. The main benefits are:

No prior knowledge and skills of CV writing are required. The course explains not only what to do but also the reasons for it.

Step by step, you will learn everything that is important to create a persuasive CV for Germany.

Concrete examples, specific instructions, and manageable tasks will help you put theory into practice.

A special lesson helps you to optimize your CV for search engines, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The results can also be used to create a convincing profile on LinkedIn and similar platforms.

And a lot more!

All content is strongly practice-oriented. I also address typical exceptions and pitfalls. If you've found the information on this website helpful, you'll very likely appreciate my guidance in this course for Germany in particular as well.

Book it now for only $29.90

Take advantage of this hands-on course to significantly push up your chances to be the candidate of choice at the end. Moreover, this course is of very good value. Each lesson costs less than $3. Pays for itself, doesn't it?

Tilmann B.

Mr. Tilmann B. from Erlangen in Germany wrote about it:

»Without Michael Kaiser's email course on CV writing, I wouldn't have gotten the job, period.

Before, I had already worked on my difficult CV for many hours, so I considered myself quite competent and thought I had gotten the most out of it. Competent I was in a way because everyone knows their own professional past best. But I had overlooked some things ...

"Don't carry a sales tray of experience in front of you but focus on the things that are important to the new company." was an important insight through the course. "Don't present all you've done but concentrate your writing primarily on what you've achieved, i.e. your accomplishments." was another. The course showed me in detail how to reach those goals best.

The result was a job offer so ideal for me that I could only have dreamt of it before.«

If you book the course now, you'll immediately have access to all the special tips and tricks you need to create a convincing CV for German-speaking countries:

After a few days, your reward will be a really convincing CV for your job applications in German-speaking countries.

On November 23rd, Mr. Thomas S. from the Verden District in Germany wrote to me:

»I thought my CV was good, but Mr. Kaiser taught me that I was wrong. Now that I have truly perfect documents, applications are fun again, whether via job advertisements or networking.«