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Yes, I work as a career coach for individuals but that's not my only role. Companies use my services in the field of human resources (HR) as well. For example, I helped to build up the global workforce of a fast-growing international internet company based in London significantly in the position of Interim Head of HR from March 2016 to October 2018. This is to say that I am just as familiar with the typical situation of a hiring manager. As such I have noticed that many applications suffer from a big common mistake that can quickly lead to the rejection of even highly qualified applicants, unfortunately.

Are you familiar with the Applicant's Error No. 1?

In case you don't know it yet, here is the gist. Most applicants describe their work experience by simply listing their previous tasks, responsibilities, and activities in their CVs / résumés. Are you among them? This is not a good idea because it is not very convincing this way. The problem here is that it leaves completely open whether you have actually been SUCCESSFUL with all those things you did in the past. Successful means that you created a true BENEFIT for your previous employers through your work and only that was of interest to them.

This is why potential new employers are particularly eager to learn about your previous ACHIEVEMENTS and not just what you did. The reasoning here is: This candidate has always been successful with similar tasks in the past, so he or she will most likely also be successful when working for us in the future. The promise to fill an open position is made to the candidate providing the most convincing impression of exactly that. This means for you that you must first and foremost present your previous ACHIEVEMENTS in your CV / résumé. Makes sense, doesn't it? You can find out more about this here.

Why you should NOT have a specialist write your CV / résumé for you

You may be surprised to get that kind of tip from me as a professional career coach. But as a matter of fact, you should NOT delegate the work on your CV / résumé to someone else, not even to a so-called “CV / résumé writer”. And yes, not to me either. I explain why and what you should do instead on this page.

Show them what you got!

Are you determined to present only convincing arguments in your CV / résumé from now on? Like most people, you may find it a little difficult to put this insight into practice as a clear view of one's own previous achievements does not come easy. Is that the case?

Email course "How to Write a Power CV / Résumé"

Relax, I will be happy to assist you. I have developed a special email course for people in this situation. Step by step, you will discover everything that is important to consider. And my concrete examples, specific instructions, and manageable tasks will help you put theory into practice. After a few days, your reward will be a convincing Power CV / Résumé.

Book it now for only $29.90

Take advantage of this hands-on course to significantly push up your chances to be the candidate of choice at the end. Moreover, this course is of very good value. Each lesson costs less than $3. Pays for itself, doesn't it?

On October 6th, Mr. Klemens F. from Bremen wrote to me:

»Your tip to list my achieved successes is very promising. After almost 50 unsuccessful applications since obtaining my master’s degree, I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t think of this idea myself.«

As you can already tell from the titles of the individual lessons, this course does not contain the usual platitudes on this subject. All content is strongly practice-oriented. I also address typical exceptions and pitfalls. If you've found the information on this website helpful, you'll very likely appreciate my guidance in this course as well.

Tilmann B.

Mr. Tilmann B. from Erlangen has shared his experience with it:

»Without Michael Kaiser's email course on CV writing, I wouldn't have gotten the job, period.

Before, I had already worked on my difficult CV for many hours, so I considered myself quite competent and thought I had gotten the most out of it. Competent I was in a way because everyone knows their own professional past best. But I had overlooked some things ...

"Don't carry a sales tray of experience in front of you but focus on the things that are important to the new company." was an important insight through the course. "Don't present all you've done but concentrate your writing primarily on what you've achieved, i.e. your accomplishments." was another. The course showed me in detail how to reach those goals best.

The result was a job offer so ideal for me that I could only have dreamt of it before.«

If you book the course now, you'll immediately have access to many more important tips and tricks:

  • Lesson 1: Only achievements count
  • Lesson 2: List of Successes and headshot
  • Lesson 3: Silence is golden
  • Lesson 4: Header
  • Lesson 5: Work experience and education
  • Lesson 6: Further categories
  • Lesson 7: Keywords for search engines
  • Lesson 8: Current "overall" job title and summary
  • Lesson 9: Attachments
  • Lesson 10: Bonus offer

On November 23rd, Mr. Thomas S. from the Verden District wrote to me:

»I thought my CV was good, but Mr. Kaiser taught me that I was wrong. Now that I have truly perfect documents, applications are fun again, whether via job advertisements or networking.«