Why you should NOT have a specialist write your CV / résumé for you

You may be surprised to get that kind of tip from a professional career coach who analyzes CVs / résumés from his clients all the time. As a matter of fact, you should not delegate the work on this document crucial to your success to someone else, not even to a so-called “CV / résumé writer”. And yes, not to me either.

Why job seekers typically consider it

Now, I can understand well why people come up with the idea to delegate the work on their document to someone else. Not only are there a lot of CV / résumé writing services advertised regardless of where you are, but I can also tell from my experience that most job seekers strongly dislike this task because they don’t know how to approach it.

However, there are good reasons to rise to the challenge anyway.

Three good reasons to better do it yourself

1. Only you possess all the necessary details of your career to date to create a truly convincing document that speaks up for you when you are not present. It’s that simple.

2. You may counter that you could pass on all important details to the CV / résumé writer in the very beginning and thus enable the specialist to write the document for you. Yes, that is possible but you would spend more time on the necessary communication than needed for writing the document on your own. Of course, such extensive collaboration would also increase the costs of the service significantly. So, again, this is not advisable.

3. Moreover, writing your CV / résumé yourself is also an excellent preparation for a great presentation of it in the job interviews at a later stage. In this case, it contains your structure, it uses your wording, etc., and thus makes you come across more convincingly than if you present yourself based on someone else’s concept.

How to profit from professional support anyway

Does that mean you need to work on your CV / résumé all by yourself? No, not at all. Of course, having a professional coach at your side to develop the right focus and structure for the document can prevent you from starting out on a very wrong track and thus save you a lot of time.

Moreover, someone with specialized experience can help you discover valuable information that you may overlook otherwise and provide creative solutions for finding the perfect wording and any challenges arising during the work on your document.

Using this kind of support is entirely different from delegating the task as a whole. Such collaboration means that you stay in control and drive the process while the professional’s experience increases the quality and the speed of the outcome.

And, by the way, it makes the whole process much more enjoyable. 🙂

Where to go from here?

> Do a CV / résumé review yourself

If you are not sure, if your CV / résumé is fit for sending it off yet, start with a thorough evaluation of the current state of your document. You can do such a CV / résumé review yourself without the help of others if you simply use my checklist for it.

This detailed CV / résumé checklist is free and comes in the form of a PDF. You can claim your personal copy using the form for it here or, even faster, by sending a blank email message to:


In this case, no confirmation is needed and you will find an email from me with the PDF checklist attached in your inbox a few minutes later.

Whenever you identify with it any need for improving your CV / résumé, the checklist provides you with links to relevant resources for each topic that will help you make the right changes.

> Use the step-by-step instructions from my email course

It’s easy to create a convincing document yourself if you follow the detailed step-by-step guidance I provide in my email course “How to Write a Power CV / Résumé”.

> Use my extensive experience to reach maximal results the fastest

Of course, the easiest way of creating your document is with me at your side. If you like this idea, please go to this page or contact me right away.