Tips for optimal use

Target audience

I, the organizational psychologist and career coach Michael Kaiser, write the contributions on this website for all of you who want to really contribute to our society with your professional activities and attach importance to personal development as a major basis for this. In other words, my website is meant for people who want to submit serious job applications. That doesn’t mean it’s primarily intended for people who are applying for leadership positions. It can be equally helpful when applying for other job opportunities.

Those who enjoy seeing themselves as victims and always already “know” that they don’t stand a chance are not part of my target group. These people tend to blame others for their failures, especially the community or the state, and therefore see no need to improve their application processes. I cannot and do not want to help people like this. That applies to this website and it also applies to personal support from me.

To avoid any misunderstandings, I would like to clarify what I just said. It is correct that I do not write for applicants who do not take enough personal responsibility for their application process. I do, however, write my contributions for people who want to apply seriously but are struggling with an unfavorable starting position or have other difficulties. This is something else and in these cases, I can certainly help you with a few good tips.

What this website cannot help you with

I believe that you can use my practical tips to significantly improve your application process and thus the chances of a fulfilling and financially lucrative new position if you are not already in perfect control of this. But of course, this also has its limits. I have been dealing with system constellations and hypnosis for some time now. The objective of these two forms of therapy is to understand, uncover and eliminate the psychodynamic blocks that prevent many people from successfully shaping their lives. Such blocks can also occur in application situations. If this is the reason for the lack of your success, the tips on my website will not help much, because they are primarily of practical and not of therapeutic nature.


All tips and instructions on this website are completely free of charge. The time required for their publication is of course not insignificant for me, but it is feasible as a voluntary activity and in this way, I can help those who cannot afford to receive personal support from me or for whom the scope provided here is already completely sufficient.

Please note that if I take the trouble to provide further assistance by offering specific documents for download etc. on various topics, I may only offer these in return for a fee due to the increased effort involved.

If you would like to approach your job search and applications with a professional at your side, you can contact me directly.

Recommended approach for reading

Before you start implementing specific tips, it is important that you first understand the fundamental approach. For this purpose, it is best to read the individual topics in the order I have put them together, as they build on each other. That’s very easy because you will find a link to the next topic at the bottom of each page. Simply start by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. This will guide you through the entire program and thus, step by step, bring you closer to finding your dream job.

Visual components

For a better overview, I have highlighted specific types of information visually. The following variations can be found:

Neutral information is highlighted with a grey frame.
Negative examples are highlighted with a red frame.
Positive examples are highlighted with a green frame.

Sections highlighted like this serve as a summary and get to the heart of the matter. These contents are particularly important and should always be referenced during the application process.

Liability for content

I have taken the utmost care in compiling all the information on this website, but cannot guarantee its completeness and correctness. Please inform me immediately if you notice any errors or inaccuracies or if you feel any claims of others may have been violated.