About me: Michael Kaiser

About me: Michael Kaiser

Education and qualifications

I am German, born in 1969, and a psychologist specializing in business and organizational psychology. I hold a "Diploma in Psychology" by TU Dresden, which is one of the 10 largest universities in Germany. This degree represents the equivalent of a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in psychology combined. Furthermore, I am a certified communication trainer and "Practitioner for Systemic Psychology" (IKH in Switzerland).

International work experience

My professional activities and my interest in other cultures have taken me abroad several times for a total of more than 12 years now. In addition to England and Poland, I lived and worked in New York City for almost 3 years. Since early 2018, I have been living in the Republic of Mauritius, which represents an excellent platform for my international work in the field of human resources.

Career coaching

For many years now, I have been supporting people from a wide variety of industries and professions in specific, often difficult situations as a freelance career coach.

> Discovering your calling

One of my focuses is to help my clients discover their own calling. Obviously, it is very important to gain sufficient clarity about this before setting yourself concrete professional goals.

> Getting the job you want

Many of my clients are looking for a new position as an employee and I support them in their search for and applications to suitable positions.

I would like to share two insights with you that I have gained from doing that. First of all, how poor the quality of the application documents of many job seekers is. It is therefore not surprising to me that many people find it difficult and tedious to get the job they want. And secondly, how often even outstanding experts, highly motivated employees and valued fellow human beings torture themselves with it when they want to or have to apply for a position. Neither is necessary and can easily be avoided by using the right approach. If you adopt it, a great new job with a good salary will soon be the reward in most cases.

> Daring to become self-employed

For other clients, the desired professional goal is to become self-employed. I help them with making this process as easy, safe and financially attractive as possible.

> Overcoming inner roadblocks

Last but not least, as a psychologist, I can also help my clients to overcome inner roadblocks that hinder them in achieving their professional goals.

> Am I the right coach for you?

To help you find an answer to this question, I have compiled a selection of 40+ testimonials by clients and other users of my various offers for you. They tell short stories about how they profited from my work.

There is also a special page about my hands-on career coaching offers. If interested, please contact me for a free orientation call.

Voluntary commitment

Through my work as a career coach, I want to help other people achieve happiness in their careers by making their working life meaningful and financially rewarding with a sustainable and healthy approach. In addition to my commercial activities, I also undertake this in the form of several voluntary engagements, such as the development of my extensive free guide "Ways to the Perfect Job" on this website.

HR consulting

Apart from working as a career coach for individual clients, I also support companies freelance as an industrial psychologist in recruitment, training and organizational development and as an interim HR manager. In 2016 and 2017 for example, I worked as an International Relocation Consultant for the well-known US-American IMPACT Group. The primary focus of my recent work was the development of a global workforce structure as Interim Head of Human Resources at Klick-Tipp Ltd. based in London from March 2016 to October 2018 and for another year in the role of an HR consultant.

If you would like to discuss your own current challenges with me now, feel free to contact me.