On this page, I have compiled a selection of testimonials by clients and other users of my various offers. They tell short stories about how they profited from my work.

Benjamin Ulrich

»A HUGE COMPLIMENT! Your career website is an incredible portal of knowledge, guide and motivator all in one. My only regret is that I didn't come across it a year ago.«

says Benjamin U. from Bern

Better than any other guide – by Sandra L.

»Your website is extremely informative and better than any of the countless guides I've read thus far!«

An incredible portal of knowledge – by Benjamin U.

»A HUGE COMPLIMENT! Your career website is an incredible portal of knowledge, guide and motivator all in one. My only regret is that I didn't come across it a year ago.«

Very promising – by Klemens F.

»I was browsing through your website as I'm in the process of updating my CV. Your tip to list my achieved successes is very promising. After almost 50 unsuccessful applications since obtaining my master’s degree, I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t think of this idea myself.«

A lot of helpful tips indeed – by Marcel M.

»I recently came across your online guide and YouTube channel. They offer a lot of helpful tips indeed! Absolutely top!«

An abundance of materials – by Ronald B.

»I have just taken a look at your website and am positively surprised by the abundance of materials offered. I'll certainly browse a bit more.«

Strong recommendation – by Julien T.

»I would strongly recommend Michael Kaiser if you need any career coaching. And believe me, you will not regret it.«

Applying for jobs is fun again – by Thomas S.

»I thought my CV was good, but Mr. Kaiser taught me that I was wrong. Now that I have truly perfect documents, applications are fun again, whether via job advertisements or networking.«

A CV with the right message – by Ngoni G.

»Months before graduation, there is always that uncertainty over what the future looks like. At some point, I was uncertain of the career I wanted, it was during this time, a friend recommended I reach out to Michael for assistance.

Through the collaborating with Michael, I was able to gain clarity on the career I wanted and how I can convert my ambition into my CV. Michael put emphasis on "listening to my inner-voice", and I managed to convey the right message on my CV. We worked together to develop a CV that I am now confident in, my CV has successfully highlighted my strengths, and career expertise.

I'd highly recommend Michael as I am grateful for the work we did in developing my CV.«

Success after success – by Jan R.

»With Mr. Kaiser's help, I was able to rework my existing job application documents in a way that promised success. Mr. Kaiser's approach turned out to be particularly well suited for difficult situations. While I am currently still running my own business, I am now striving for permanent employment. Moreover, I am also pursuing a change of industry in order to dedicate myself to my actual career aspirations.

Focusing on these goals, Mr. Kaiser provided me with particularly practical advice and examples. That helped me to highlight relevant achievements and successes on my CV in a way that made the previous industries and employment status they came from insignificant.

The resulting application documents led to one success after another as I got almost always invited for a job interview. At that phase, Mr. Kaiser coached me with numerous practical tips again to gain a new perspective on myself and to be successful with it.

In retrospect, those emerging successes and numerous conversations have given me a lot of positive insights and have made applying for jobs a lot more fun than I was used to in the past.

I especially recommend Mr. Kaiser's approach to applicants in rather difficult situations and to those who would like to change career paths. In such cases, the common tips for job seekers are hardly applicable while Mr. Kaiser's concrete and individual solutions still deliver real success.«

What a good investment – by Kay-Dietrich K.

»I decided to work with Michael after listening to a lot of his audio podcasts. That time, my wife got the job of her dreams in a different state and as both of us were opposed to changing our marriage to a long-distance relationship, it was clear to me that I would give up the good and well-paid job I had and would look for a new one at the new location. However, I knew right from the beginning that it would mean playing for high stakes as the area we were moving to was known as economically depressed, with a high unemployment rate and salaries at the lower end of the national range. Knowing what he calls his "toolbox" for handling difficult career situations, I wanted Michael on my side to maximize results and increase speed.

And I'm still glad I made that decision. After only about 10 hours together spread out over the course of 4 weeks and communicating solely by electronic means, we had developed a hands-on strategy, created an impressive CV and worked out a convincing storyline that helped the few potential employers in the new area understand why they should say yes to a stranger who was expensive on top of it. Whatever the task at hand: fine-tuning my CV, cold-calling companies, preparing for job interviews or following up after them, I was always at least one step ahead of the other side. Yes, it wasn't easy but with Michael's support, I was even able to enjoy the challenge. I got and accepted a great offer before we had even moved to the new place.

That was 3 years ago. When we started out that time, Michael told me that I would be able to use the things we were to cover for the rest of my professional life as they represented all the important psychological basics. He was right. I have kept all of them in mind and what I learned that time has helped me in a lot of other professional and even personal situations ever since. What a good investment.«

CV makes the perfect impression – by Thomas S.

»I must say, I'm impressed and amazed. My new documents seem to have a huge impact. My respect: Your approach to applications seems to work perfectly.«

Rarely taught in schools across Africa – by Farai M.

»Shasha Network's goal is to provide young people access to early career accelerator support to enable them to better navigate their school-to-work transition.

Michael Kaiser's presentation on finding one's calling highly resonated with our scholars as it helped them think about their ambitions and life goals in a structured way, something which is rarely taught in schools across Africa. His articulation of this complex topic in a simple way makes it a powerful toolbox that should be shared with many more young people and even adults.

We are truly grateful for his commitment to human capital development.«

Shaping my career strategy – by Daniella L.

»I, personally, was coached by Michael Kaiser and he was dedicated to developing my career within international organizations and he did it through a very effective way.

I learned a tremendous amount from him, especially on how to shape my career strategy.

He is hands-on, practical and eager to help. And, what’s a big encouraging sign, it is obvious that he truly cares about the success of all of his clients.

If you want to achieve your career goals or develop and manage your HR department, reach out to Michael Kaiser, you won’t be disappointed.«

Indeed very helpful – by Rama A.

»Thanks for organizing the meetup, Michael. Much appreciated. The tips and insights on building a power CV were indeed very helpful.«

Finding the best way to present myself – by Caroline B.

»I was introduced to Michael Kaiser when my husband and I moved from Japan to Germany, with my husband's work. My daily routine and identity had changed suddenly and it was a good time to look at my strengths, weaknesses and what I wanted to do in my new situation.

As a creative person, I find that chatting with other creative, driven, motivated and positive people really helps me to discover my next path. It may only be a small point in discussion, but this will then grow to a larger and productive direction for me.

Michael's friendly but persuasive attitude to self-believe and self-growth really gave me a boost. I created multiple options for my work and social life in my new town and took forward a couple of these into bigger things, including workshops with like-minded creatives and the sharing of cultural experiences from different countries.

Michael helped me to see that I have plenty to offer to new friends and contacts – it's just finding the best way to present myself that is essential. I feel proud to have had the chance to hear Michael's thoughts and suggestions.«

Learned a lot of new things – by Gopalananda C.

»The workshop "Boost your career by smarter self-marketing" was really informative and I learned a lot of new things which I was not even aware of. My biggest takeback would be the ways to write a CV about focussing more on achievements than activities which I deemed is a very preponderant aspect.«

One application – TWO invitations! – by Veronika P.

»In spring we had discussed the idea of making my CV clearer and easier to understand. That's what I did and it was very well received: One application – TWO invitations to interview! [...] So, the meetup was highly effective for me.«

Very helpful in a lot of ways – by Jakub S.

»I really enjoyed the keynote speech [of the Career Boost Conference], very helpful in a lot of ways!«

A brilliant experience – by Arsh R.

»Being an educational startup aiming at providing quality non-academic education to the youth of Mauritius, edVentr is constantly looking for exceptional experts who can facilitate workshops & training sessions with our participants.

Michael delivered a keynote at one such event where he spoke about the psychological basics of a highly effective job search, which was well received by all participants (a mix of students & professionals). Michael offered a different, fresh perspective on job hunting & what it takes to successfully manage one's career.

Michael, apart from being good at what he does, is extremely professional & values the same in the people he works with. We definitely had a brilliant experience with Michael & would recommend anyone looking for some career guidance to work with him!«

Convince yourself and your counterparts – by Angelika T.

»I decided on individual coaching by Mr. Kaiser after I had been applying for jobs for some time but did not get a desired position despite submitting appropriate documents.

In fact, his approach differed significantly from the recommendations I had heard in the past. With his practical tips, I completely revamped my application portfolio in several respects. The result was a convincing set of documents that, in addition to their formal soundness, above all made the recipient curious about me, the applicant. This was certainly also because Mr. Kaiser not only gave me formal advice, but also helped me to set up my application process in the right psychological way. He accompanies the personal concerns of the applicant starting with goal setting (What do I really want? What are my "true" career aspirations?) through the application documents (Weaknesses in the CV can actually become strengths without deviating from the truth.) to the job interview (How does my personality score? What should I pay attention to?). As a result, I was able to be persuasive to my counterparts after the training as I had become sure about myself.

I'll be starting with a new employer soon and I'm pleased that I was able to convincingly convey my expectations in terms of salary as well. In addition, this round of applications required much less effort than the previous ones. Without Mr. Kaiser's valuable advice, I would certainly not have gotten this job so quickly. That's why I recommend Mr. Kaiser's training especially to those who believe that their application approach is basically optimized, but who have not yet reached their goal. If you think that you can't get more out of your CV and applications, you haven't met him yet.«

Gut feeling confirmed – by Annette S.

»Already your first video hit home and confirmed my gut feeling about this awful #OpenToWork frame. 😉 Your tips for the motivation letter are great. I'm going to implement them in the next few days.«

Big help – by Fritjof G.

»Sometimes it takes a certain distance to see one's own reality more clearly. You are currently giving me a lot of support in this!«

Wanderlust fully awakened – by Christiane A.

»If I wasn't doing so well here ..., [with the radio program "Goodbye homeland – Emigrated to Mauritius"] you have fully awakened my thirst for adventure and wanderlust and given me a lot of courage to pursue them.«

Discovering my calling – by Annette B.

»Kudos! From personal experience, I can say that your guidance gave me valuable ideas to think differently about life and myself.«

Ideas are dancing in my head now – by Gerdi R.

»I listened to [the radio program "Family and Calling"] with great interest and hope that especially the dialogs toward the end of the program will stay in my memory for a long time. I've already got ideas dancing in my head ... .«

An eye opener featuring great tips – by Kahless_4S on iTunes

»I highly recommend this podcast series to anyone looking for a job. The interviews help you to better understand the "other side". You'll also get lots of other great tips for successful job applications. A visit to Mr. Kaiser's website is worthwhile too. Overall, great content I'd love to see more of. – Highly appreciated.«

A special aha experience – by Anja K.

»Thank you very much for your very interesting presentation during the lecture "The professional hiring process" at BSKP in Dresden. I personally found the combination of labor law and psychological aspects very insightful. As we know, every circle often closes at some point – but this time, it was a special aha experience. I'll keep that in mind. 🙂«

An impressive radio show – by Sebastian R.

»Your radio program ["Increase your professional success through hypnosis"] made a tremendous impression on me and I'm very glad I listened to it. [...]

It really conveys a great spirit. You can tell that someone put a lot of thought into it. You can actually feel a touch of inspiration. Very good. Purely scientific programs do not offer this, even if they are perfectly and seriously researched.«

Exciting interviews – by Marco K.

»A very interesting podcast series. Lots of useful information and exciting interviews. I have now listened to all episodes and look forward to more. Thank you and keep up the good work.«

Straight to success – by Ilka W.

»I had been sending out job applications for quite some time without any real success when I came across Michael Kaiser's offer and his website through an ad on XING. The content and tips on the site appealed to me, so I spontaneously booked a spot in the workshop ["How to Write a Power CV"].

The one-day workshop took place in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with only a few participants. This left enough room for individual discussions about your own CV and your personal as well as professional situation. Michael Kaiser's professional advice convinced me as much as he did as a person. His approach to the matter is unexpected and completely different from what you will find in common guides books for job seekers and on the internet. As a participant, you receive valuable psychological tips for the preparation of your CV and cover letters, among other things, and you leave with a good feeling in the evening.

Personally, this workshop provided me with a lot of input and led to success after a very short time – I will soon be starting a new job. In the job interview and especially for the not so easy topic of salary negotiation, I was able to rely on the excellent tips from Mr. Kaiser.«