Ways to the Perfect Job 🎯

The changing world of work ...

Not every highly motivated job seeker is able to get a great new job quickly. Proven ways of the past to get a new job are suddenly no longer effective. Helpful explanations about the reasons for rejection are rarely given. At the same time, however, others seem to have it quite a bit easier. As an ambitious applicant in a situation like this, one constantly ponders what the issue might be. And keeps spinning in circles with it. 🙁

... requires new approaches

If you are in a situation like this, then I've got good news for you. Based on my many years of experience as a career coach, I have developed this comprehensive online guide designed to answer exactly these questions, which is available for your use immediately and free of charge. 🙂

By now, this tutorial has taken on the size of a paperback. It will provide you with psychologically sound advice on the best approaches to an effective job search, on writing a convincing CV / résumé and cover letter as well as for successful job interviews. My guide is written for the challenges of real life and provides tried and true tips, especially on difficult topics such as salary negotiations.

On October 6th, Ms. Sandra L. from Münster wrote to me:

»Your website is extremely informative and better than any of the countless guides I've read so far!«

Have I piqued your curiosity a bit? You can go directly to the relevant topics via the menu or the search function. The best way to begin, though, is to click on the button below. It takes you on a convenient tour through all crucial parts of the content.

My guide starts with how to avoid the Applicant's Error No. 1. Or are you already familiar with it?

On May 20th, Mr. Benjamin U. from Bern wrote to me:

»A HUGE COMPLIMENT! Your career website is an incredible portal of knowledge, guide, and motivator all in one. My only regret is that I didn't come across it a year ago already.«