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Use my 20+ years of experience to make your next international career move a special success.

My client base comprises managers, specialists, and other individuals with ambitious job goals from all over the world. With me as a coach at your side, you and I will turn your current career challenge into a step-by-step project you can handle with ease.

That may include, for example:

Achieving ambitious career goals even if you are facing serious obstacles on the way.

Discovering your calling to find out what kind of job or business is best for you in line with your financial and family needs.

A highly effective search for open positions by networking, the use of the latest technologies, etc.

The creation of a truly convincing CV / résumé, cover letters, and other application documents.

Solid preparations to convince the hiring managers in job interviews and salary negotiations.

Making the right decision if you should become self-employed / start your own business or not.

Why I know how to do all of that

Getting a job you want and are qualified for requires nothing else than the skill to convince the hiring managers of exactly that. That kind of skill is mainly a psychological matter and I as a university-educated business psychologist understand it in depth. Please follow the many tips and tricks in my free guide "Ways to the Perfect Job" to witness my experience in action.

On top of that, I don't only work as a career coach but also as an HR consultant for international corporations. Hence, I'm also very familiar with the situation of hiring companies and managers.

As a result, countless people across the globe have been able to reach their career goals by following my advice and guidance. 🙂

Michael Kaiser

puts job seekers across the world on the road to success. For more than 20 years now!

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PS: If you are still not sure whether or not to contact me, why don't we let a couple of people speak up who decided toward me as their coach earlier than you?

There is, for example, the testimonial by Daniella L. who I helped with shaping her career strategy. When we were done, she concluded her detailed feedback by stating:

»Reach out to Michael Kaiser, you won’t be disappointed.«

My client Kay-Dietrich K. had approached me for support to get the job he wanted under particularly difficult conditions. He wrote at the end of his testimonial:

»What a good investment.«

You can read both testimonials in full length as well as many others about my work on this page. And now, the decision is yours. 🙂