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Use my 20+ years' experience to make your next career move a special success. In my regular online coaching sessions, you will get hands-on answers to your personal questions regarding your career.

Ask me anything, for example, about:

Difficult career problems you are very serious to solve.

Sustainable career planning in line with your calling, family needs, financial requirements etc.

A highly effective search for open positions by networking, the use of the latest technologies etc.

The creation of a truly convincing CV/résumé, cover letters and other application documents.

Solid preparation for job interviews and salary negotiations.

Making the right decision if you should become self-employed / start your own business or not.

Why I know how to do all of that

Getting a job you want and are qualified for requires nothing else than the skill to convince the hiring managers of exactly that. That kind of skill is mainly a psychological matter and I as a university-educated business psychologist understand it in depth. Please follow the many tips and tricks in my free guide "Ways to the Perfect Job" to witness my experience in action.

On top of that, I don't only work as a career coach but also as an HR consultant for international corporations. Hence, I'm also very familiar with the situation of hiring companies and managers.

As a result, countless people across the globe have been able to reach their career goals by following my advice and guidance. 🙂

Michael Kaiser

puts job seekers across the world on the road to success. For more than 20 years now!

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The benefits of group coaching

I love one-to-one coaching and my clients are extremely successful with it. I currently charge an hourly rate of Rs 8,800 (or $220) incl. VAT if applicable for it and if you can afford that, feel free to contact me anytime for a free orientation session.

If you cannot afford my one-to-one support, here is good news for you: Group coaching allows people to use my extensive experience as an international career coach to achieve their career goals even if they are on a budget. You will share my time with others but this is not a setback.

As a matter of fact, a few people always ask very similar questions during the coaching sessions. That allows me to answer more than one question in one go, which saves time. And you may even benefit from a question by someone else that is very relevant to your situation too but you would not have thought of it.

Before you click on the red button at the bottom to book your session, please take a look at the following details:

Because it will be a group session, you can share my total fee with a few others and get access to my huge career toolbox full of best-practice tips and tricks for only $24.90 incl. VAT if applicable. You can pay by VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and bank transfer.

If you are in Mauritius and would like to send the money via MCB Juice or by a regular bank transfer, send it to my MCB account # 000446197122 and include the date of the session in the transaction description, please. The fee for Mauritius is Rs 1,000 incl. VAT. Your payment must be received prior to the selected coaching session.

Please note that your payment is not refundable if you cancel before or are unable to participate in the coaching session.

If possible, please provide me with your current CV, cover letters and/or other relevant documents along with your questions already before the coaching session. This will help me to structure the session best according to actual participants' needs.

Of course, you can also ask more questions during the webinar.

The group coaching session will be held online in form of a Zoom Webinar as the technical basis.

One group coaching session will last about 1.5 hours. Please note that there is no guarantee that all of your questions can be addressed but I will certainly try to answer as many of them as possible during the session. For any remaining issues, you will need to book another coaching session at a later date.

If you book a coaching session and my email course "How to Write a Power CV" at the same time, you will get the email course at a Rs 200 (or $5) discount.

Get your personal questions answered very soon

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If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at any time.