Speakers at the Career Boost Conference

Keynote presentation at the Career Boost Conference

Whether you are a student stepping into the corporate world or a young working professional, there are some skills to be learned to boost your professional growth. So, come to the Career Boost Conference on April 13, 2019 in Ebène, Mauritius. I have been given the honor to be the keynote speaker of the event and my presentation will feature “The psychological basics of a highly effective job search”.

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10 Words you should be careful with in your CV

At various points in my own articles, I recommend that you should follow the slogan: “Don’t prove, just explain.” in your applications. It is important to take both aspects seriously. On this page, I explain this in more detail and recommend reading a great article by Jeff Haden titled “Quit Using These 10 Words to Describe Yourself on LinkedIn”.

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