International Women's Day 2020: Put #EachforEqual into action

Dear ladies in the world, let me comment on the current frequent statements of your employers on LinkedIn and other social networks about how much they value your contribution to the success of their business and their commitment to gender equality.

In most cases, it is nothing else than cheap talk to keep you quiet for another year. And yet another equal-sign (=) picture on social media will not change that.

So, what can you actually do? Here is the answer: make sure you take or demand very specific action!

For example, let’s say you strongly suspect that equally-qualified women are paid less than men on average in your organization. In this case, you could get a little task group (ideally of women AND men) together and work out a demand for a salary review program headed by an external expert who is respected by both sides.

If your managers are serious about gender equality, they will be happy to support it. If not, there are some safe ways to make it public.

Ladies and gentlemen: Take SPECIFIC action!