A must-read for successful networking

Most career guidebooks I come across by chance don't impress me much, but here is a real exception. 🙂

Written by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, it's called "The Start-up of You". In my opinion, they should have chosen a better title, as a superficial glance at it may get you on the wrong track. Its core message is not about how to become an entrepreneur but what one can learn from successful start-ups for a great career in general.

The two authors focus their analysis of it and resulting tips on the importance of professional networking for achieving professional goals, especially under difficult and rapidly changing conditions.

This is exactly why I strongly recommend reading this great book. If you have read my online guide, watched my videos, listened to my talks, or participated in one of my webinars, you already know that I never get tired of emphasizing the necessity of networking for professional success. In this book, you'll learn not only why networking is so critical to the many aspects of professional development but also what practical approach you should adopt to your own situation.

This book recommendation also applies to those who "don't like networking" and therefore tend to struggle with it. The book shows that in such a case you just need to redefine the term for yourself a little. This will allow you to find a practical way of doing it that suits your own nature.

On May 24th, Ms. Mufaro D. from Harare wrote to me about it:

»Thank you so much for the book suggestion. I have started reading it and it's really great. The concepts are easy to understand. I look forward to gaining a perspective on networking.«

How to get it

You can purchase the book in various formats on Amazon. Here is a direct link for it.

If you put a little effort into a search on Google, you will probably find a free copy of it in the form of a PDF as well. Give it a go using the search phrase "The Start-Up of You - Reid Hoffman PDF" as a start.

There is also an official website for the book with additional helpful resources that is also worth visiting.