InterNations Webinar "Successful Salary Negotiations" on September 4, 2022

Participate for free in the next InterNations Webinar I'm giving as an InterNations Global Consul.

It features the topic "Successful Salary Negotiations" and will take place on Zoom on Sunday, September 4th, 2022, at 6:30 pm GMT+2.

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How to get the high salary you deserve

Salary negotiations are an important topic for most employees and freelancers across the world.

Participate in this free webinar if you have always wanted to find out:

  • Why so many people feel highly uncomfortable when it comes to negotiating their salaries.
  • What you can do to feel much better about it before and during the negotiation process.
  • What principles fair negotiations always consist of and what to do if the other side seems to not follow them.
  • How important good preparation on your side is before you enter any negotiation talks and what you need to do for it in practice.
  • How to successfully sell your arguments in the talks with the other side and hence get the good salary you deserve.
  • How to save the situation when things have gone wrong.

I will start the webinar with a structured presentation on the topic, share my hands-on experience, and give you practical tips.

Afterward, your questions and active participation in the discussion will be very welcome!

So, hurry up and join hundreds of participants from all over the world now!

On September 1st, Ms. Betty M. from Kitwe wrote to me about our previous webinar:

»The event was very informative; I personally loved it. There are just sometimes a few details that we mostly neglect during the salary negotiation. But I liked that you managed to cover many areas. I don't regret attending it. Thank you.«

On September 3rd, Ms. Mercy O. from Cap Town wrote to me about our previous webinar:

»Thank you for the seminar, slides, and the contacts. It was enlightening and very timely as I'm using the skills taught to negotiate a better salary for myself currently. You were very helpful.«