Structure your CV / résumé with appropriate categories

Overview and sequence

Which categories you should use in your CV / résumé depends on many different factors. There is no universally correct selection for it. Below you will find the most common ones. There is no obligation to use all of them and you can add other categories or change their titles a bit without risk. Of course, you can also change the order, but for most cases, the choice provided here should be fine. Just take a look at all the pages linked and you’ll see what you need.

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On August 30th, Ms. Veronika P. from Einbeck wrote to me:

»In spring we had discussed the idea of making my CV clearer and easier to understand. That’s what I did and it was very well received: One application – TWO invitations to interview!«


As a general rule, you should not let yourself get intimidated by tips from others regarding the length of your CV / résumé and the scope of the individual sections. However, the information in a longer document or section must still always pique curiosity. Naturally, someone who has to present a longer career and has worked in several different positions will have a longer document than someone changing jobs for the first time.

As long as you keep your CV / résumé exciting, it doesn’t contain any unnecessary repetitions, and provides the right overall picture of your profile, everything is fine. But don’t forget: The only goal is to be invited for an interview.