Crash course "How to discover your calling and live it" for Shasha Network

Question for preparation

“What kind of profession (or other meaningful regular activity) would you pursue if there were no need to also generate an income from it? In other words, what job would you choose to do if making money played no role in your life anymore?”

1) Why it is so important to discover and live your calling

  • Most people spend a lot of time at work over their lifetime. Therefore, spending it in a meaningful way is very important for living a happy life.
  • If you do what you love, you will be much more successful.

2) Typical misconceptions you can easily avoid

  • Thinking about how to make money with it too quickly.
  • Thinking in categories of job descriptions.
  • Not keeping meaning and talents apart.

3) A good and easy way to get started on the journey

Create three lists:

  • 1. List: What activities are meaningful to you? What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?
  • 2. List: What are your talents? What are good at or could become good at in the future?
  • 3. List: Additional resources that may be of help later.

Your calling can usually be found where activities you enjoy and find meaningful overlap with your talents.