Don't use the LinkedIn photo frame #OpenToWork

LinkedIn members looking for a job are provided with the option to have a green half-circle featuring the hashtag #opentowork added to their profile photo as a picture frame automatically.

This is meant to raise immediate attention to the fact that the member would like to be actively addressed as a candidate for open positions. So far, so good. But for psychological reasons, there is a big catch to it unfortunately.

In this short video, I first explain what that hidden problem consists of and why you should therefore rather NOT add this “OpenToWork” frame to your headshot on LinkedIn. Afterward, you will learn how you can easily do much better to get your message as an active jobseeker across.

Once again, this is a good example of how important paying attention to psychological facts is for a successful job search. So, my tips in this video are psychological knowledge in action that you can benefit from too right away:

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On April 7th, Ms. Annette S. from Besançon wrote to me:

»Already your first video hit home and confirmed my gut feeling about this awful #OpenToWork frame. 😉«