InterNations Webinar "Should You Become a Digital Nomad?" on January 14, 2023

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It features the topic "Should You Become a Digital Nomad?" and will take place on Zoom on Saturday, January 14th, 2023, at 9 am GMT.

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Should you become a digital nomad?

InterNations' members do not need to be told how valuable international experience can be for both professional and personal growth.

Finding the right (next) place in the world can turn out to be a challenge nowadays, however.

Have you therefore come up with the idea to keep your whereabouts flexible and better decide about your possibilities at short intervals? In other words, are you considering becoming a digital nomad?

Obviously, a kind of life like that comes with intriguing advantages but may pose serious challenges as well. In this webinar, we will therefore take a look at the typical pros and cons in detail and discuss the best approaches to make the right decisions.

I will start the webinar with a short presentation of my own experience as a digital nomad. Afterward, your questions and active participation in our discussion will be very welcome.

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