InterNations Webinar "How to Create a Power CV / Résumé" on October 22, 2023

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It features the topic "How to Create a Power CV / Résumé" and will take place on Zoom on Sunday, October 22nd, 2023, at 5 pm GMT.

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How to Create a Power CV / Résumé

Creating an intriguing CV / résumé is very important and can also be done without involving a paid CV / résumé writer. You can do it yourself in small, simple steps. And it's easy if you are aware of what is important for it and what is not.

Your takeaways from this free webinar are going to be:

  • Understand the psychological fundamentals of what will really convince a hiring manager to give the job to you. Prepare yourself for a surprise!
  • Present your work and academic experience in a way that makes the hiring manager curious to learn more about you right from the very first glance at your CV / résumé.
  • Deal with potential weaknesses such as limited knowledge/skills/experience, gaps in your CV / résumé, a drop out of college or similar, disabilities, etc. in a way that still maximizes your chances.
  • Secure your chances a lot by consequently avoiding the trap of including damaging information accidentally.

And a lot more!

I will start the webinar with a structured presentation based on a checklist for creating a perfect CV / résumé I have developed. Afterward, your questions and active participation in the discussion will be very welcome!

After the webinar, all participants will get the detailed CV / résumé checklist mentioned in the form of a PDF for free. If you don't want to wait, you can claim your personal copy here right away.

So, hurry up and join more than two hundred participants from all over the world now!

After the webinar, Ms. Carmen A. from Dublin wrote to me:

»Excellent webinar, thanks Michael for all the tips!!!!«

And Mr. Tai T. from Berlin wrote:

»Yes, the webinar was great and the advice was awesome 🙏🙏«