LinkedIn newsletter article "Design Your Power CV / Résumé – Step #3 of a Perfect Job Search"

Your CV / résumé functions as the anchor of your individual job applications. The quality of this document is usually the most important factor in the decision to invite you for a job interview or not.

As you are not present in person (yet), your CV / résumé is the only thing that can speak up for you at the early stages. While a good cover letter can also help, it’s only your CV / résumé that can sell. If your document fails to do so, that’s the sad end of your particular job application. So, the time spent on creating a persuasive CV / résumé is usually invested very well.

In my latest newsletter article on LinkedIn “Design Your Power CV / Résumé – Step #3 of a Perfect Job Search”, I explain how you can create a powerful document for yourself.

This step is part of my 7-Step Method “Fast Lane to the Perfect Job” I use with my clients to maximize their success.

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